Children and Youth

Sunday School

Sunday School is a joyous gathering at the Mission. It takes place while parents worship in the regular Sunday services.

Before Sunday School starts, the congregation blesses the children. The children then gather to be taught Bible stories by committed adult teachers, sing songs and participate in other learning activities.

Soccer Camp

Each summer, soccer camp is held in one of the Kansas City, Kansas public parks. The highlight of camp is the Saturday tournament. Kids are divided into teams to play for the championship. After the tournament and presentation of medals, the kid’s dads come in to play the kids. The final celebration is a picnic lunch for everyone.

Sign-up instructions and camp information is published each Spring.

Vacation Bible School

Held each summer, VBS draws kids together for a fun-filled week of Bible-focused games, study and outdoor activities. Sign-up instructions and VBS information is published each Spring.

For more information about how to support or get involved in serving in The Mission of St. Luke – La Misión de San Lucas within the Kansas City Metro Area, please contact Fr. Gene Flanery,, 913-706-6766