A missional community has been formed in Wyandotte County, Kansas for those who feel called to follow Jesus in service to the poor. La Misión de San Lucas – The Mission of St. Luke – MSL – invites any Christian who is committed to missions and worshipping in the inner city to join them. A Spanish speaking congregation worships together every Sunday at 2 p.m. at St. Luke’s Anglican Church, 722 Reynolds St., Kansas City, Kansas 66101.

The Mission of St. Luke KC (MSL) was started by The Rev. Gene Flanery in 2011 to answer the needs of the growing Hispanic community in Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas. Since that call to serve in the inner city, Gene has been ordained into the Anglican Church of North America and serves under the Anglican Diocese of “Church for the Sake of Others,”

The desire of MSL is to form a missional community of like-minded believers committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ. Its focus is on the pressing needs of a huge Latino population residing in the greater Kansas City Metro Area.

Current Outreach Programs

  • Church Planting in the Kansas City Metro Area
  • Teaching English Classes for Spanish Speakers
  • Bible Study in Spanish
  • Summer Kids Soccer Camp
  • Vacation Bible School

Recently God has laid it upon my heart to launch a five-year plan to plant more Latino churches in the Kansas City Metro Area.

This is a great missionary endeavor that will will require four changes in my life.

1. To reimagine my role from being a pastor of one congregation to becoming a missionary church planter once again. I will continue as the pastor of the church in Kansas City, Kansas but will be focused on evangelism and the starting of house churches.

2. Expand my outreach to other urban areas in the KC Metro. Instead of focusing completely on 35,000 Latinos residing in Wyandotte County, I will look to the metro area where 176,000 call KC home. I am currently working with the Christ Church Mission with focus on northern Johnson County and with St. Aidan’s with focus on the northeast of Kansas City, Missouri.

3. Focus on the development of indigenous leadership. This will both formal and informal training with the intent of raising up house church pastors.

4. Shut down my thrift store and raise a support team. We closed the store down in early October and have currently expanded our support team from six families to 11 families. That leaves us 20 more families to go.

Our Spirituality

The spirituality of MSL is best described as Anglican-Celtic. Anglicans are called Anglicans because of the English influence on the church during the time of the Protestant Reformation, in the 1500s, but the actual origins of the Anglican church go all the way back to the time of the Apostles. Worship at MSL reflects Anglican liturgy which is centered on the Word (preaching, teaching and exhortation) and the Table (Holy Communion). The term Celtic refers to roots of the early English Church which was profoundly influenced by the vibrant missionary movement that began with the founding of the Iona mission by Irish monks in Scotland in the 6th century.

Our regular Sunday Worship Service is a blend of traditional and contemporary Anglican Eucharist Service, starting at 2 p.m. on Sunday afternoons. It is a reflective and joyous service that combines readings from the Bible, a blend of hymns and modern worship songs, ancient prayer practices, and Holy Communion (Eucharist, which means “thanksgiving.”) Because liturgy is communal by nature, everyone participates.

Once a month (the first Sunday) the entire community gathers in a bilingual service and is followed by a shared meal.

An Invitation from The Rev. Gene Flanery of the Mission of St. Luke

“I want to invite you to visit the Mission of St. Luke. After studying and preaching on the Gospel of St. Luke I have come to the strong conviction that if your life doesn’t intentionally cross the paths of the poor on a regular basis, you may not be truly following Jesus’ example. We at the Mission of St. Luke want to give you opportunities to share your faith with others who are less fortunate. Come, see and experience the Joy of serving at the Mission of St. Luke!”

Become a Supporter

You can become a supporter of The Mission of Saint Luke (MSL). Your financial donations are needed to help us expand our services to the Latinos of Kansas City and Wyandotte County, Kansas.

St. Luke’s Mission volunteers are also needed in all areas. A knowledge of the Spanish language is helpful, but not necessary. All that’s needed is a love for and a desire to help others in need.

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