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An Important Message from Fr. Flanery. Immigration: The Floodgates are Open!

Every American citizen should be alarmed about the crisis on our southern border. Let me be clear that I am not taking a political stance on the issue. Washington is so divided there seems to be no possible way forward. I am an alarmed citizen who is concerned for the looming harm to thousands of migrants and their children who are on the arduous and dangerous journey to the United States. I understand well the immigrant’s hopes and dreams for a better life, but can we as a nation sustain a flood of thousands of immigrants. Our immigration courts are overwhelmed, our politicians are no longer even mentioning immigration reform and the eleven million undocumented who are already here have lost hope for a path to citizenship. One recent news report I heard was that over 200,000 crossed our borders last month and we are expecting more than 400,000 this month.

This is unsustainable any way you slice it!

We at the mission of St. Luke (aka La Misión de San Lucas) are making two new shifts in response to the expected increase of immigrants to Kansas City. First, we are ramping up our English classes for the new arrivals. We hope to hire a part-time English teacher to help me to teach new immigrants a basic conversational survival English. We have been doing this for ten years but the numbers trying to get into our classes have increased dramatically in the past two years. Our average number of students per class in previous years was ten, in the last two years it is close to forty. More and more of those students are from Central America.

Our second thrust is to recruit more volunteers to help with the language acquisition. We are seeking people with a compassionate, missionary heart that want to become friends of the immigrants. You don’t have to speak Spanish but be willing to become a language coach and mentor.


We are going Bi-Lingual!

La Misión de San Lucas currently is the only Spanish speaking Anglican congregation between Chicago and Dallas. We are home to Cubans, Hondurans, Mexicans and a few Americans. We are now going bi-lingual. Why? First off, some of the grandchildren and children of our members do not speak Biblical Spanish. Yes, they can speak to their parents about everyday affairs in Spanish but they do not have a comprehension of a spiritual language in Spanish. These kids are 100% Americans with a Latino heritage.

They prefer to learn in English when talking and singing about God.

All our services will now include English interpretation for prayers, songs and the sermon. We will also begin teaching Biblical Spanish for those who are interested in becoming friends with Latinos. This will include common greetings and questions but will major on sharing a common faith with Latinos. If you are interested please contact us.


Help Support This Important Mission

For more information about supporting the Mission of St. Luke – La Misión de San Lucas – financially or to become involved as a volunteer, please contact The Rev. Gene Flanery, The Mission of St. Luke.

Phone or text 913-706-6766.

Your financial donations are needed to help us expand our services to the Latinos of Wyandotte County, Kansas. All donations for this ministry are tax deductible through La Misión de San Lucas (501c3).

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Outreach Programs

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Teaching English Classes for Spanish Speakers

Bible Study in Spanish

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St. Luke’s Mission volunteers are also needed in all areas. A knowledge of the Spanish language is helpful, but not necessary. All that’s needed is a love for and a desire to help others in need.

About the Director

The Rev. Gene Flanery has served in missions since 1982. As an ordained Anglican priest, affiliated with Christ Church Anglican in Overland Park, Kansas, www.christchurch-op.org, he serves as a church planter within the Anglican Diocese of “The Church for the Sake of Others,” www.c4so.org. Gene and his wife Gloria reside in Kansas City, Kansas.


“I want to invite you to visit the Mission of St. Luke. After studying and preaching on the Gospel of St. Luke I have come to the strong conviction that if your life doesn’t intentionally cross the paths of the poor on a regular basis, you may not be truly following Jesus’ example. We at the Mission of St. Luke want to give you opportunities to share your faith with others who are less fortunate.

Come, see and experience the Joy of serving at the Mission of St. Luke!”


For more information about how to support or get involved in serving in The Mission of St. Luke – La Misión de San Lucas within the Kansas City Metro Area, please contact Fr. Gene Flanery, gflanery2010@gmail.com, 913-706-6766